Becoming has a radio show, and has had one for longer than it has existed; inherited by virtual birth-right. It might become its own radio channel one day.

Affects & Dreams, as well as being a book about becoming-radios, is a weekly radio show organized by us. It airs at 9am (DE) on Lumbung Radio/Barking Cats Radio, and it is for those who either don’t sleep or who wake up early. It’s a minimalist sound project oriented around post-rave aesthetics with a number of experimental and conceptual interests that relate to the book.
            Affects & Dreams is a project that began when we were still just larvae, operating under the name Crossdressing Diogenes (CDCY). Since then, Becoming has emerged as if a butterfly from a cocoon, leaving behind nothing but the residual pupal exuvia of what it once was. Despite Becoming being a publisher, it was this radio show that triggered the transformation, as the research that was conducted as a part of the project Affects & Dreams acted as a catalyst, speeding up some chemical processes that were already underway. Back when we were CDCY, we had a radio show called Good Morning, I Love You, and with that radio show we were invited to participate in Lumbung Radio as a part of Documenta Fifteen. We took the opportunity to rethink the radio show, and we developed a special 12-episode series of Good Morning, I Love You, that we specified as Affects & Dreams.  
            When Documenta Fifteen ended, so did CDCY, yet Lumbung Radio and Affects & Dreams had other plans, and both declared independence from their hosts, an expression of a will to continue, to find a way to surpass the primordial conditions. For a long period of time, the radio show continued on the newly independent Lumbung Radio as Good Morning, I Love You, but it was clear to us that our future was with Becoming and Affects & Dreams, and that when the time was right, the two would resolve harmoniously. A year after Documenta ended, we are finally ready to assimilate our radio show back into Becoming, fully realised under its chosen name: Affects & Dreams. This process of collectively transmitting radio signals was highly transformative, so much so that we decided to write a book about it. For now, we wish to simply let the show unfold, but we intend to use the radio show communally, as a platform for sonic play between those who are entangled with Becoming. The radio show was always about the morning, dwelling primarily in minimalist electronic music (ambient, experimental, micro-house, minimal techno, post-rave), and it may well continue to operate along those lines, but everything can and must always drift off track when subjected to B/becoming.  

The show airs every Sunday Morning on Barking Cats Radio (10am EET) & Lumbung Radio (9am CET)

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