Ultra-Core Anxiety 2023:
The Anti-Authenticity Sequence

This is a 50-minute, independently produced film that consists of 45 one-minute instances, each overflowing into the next in a gushing expression of creativity. Despite deliberately avoiding any explicit structure or object of reference, the film speaks for itself, leading the viewer through an unhinged and chaotic sequence that, despite its absurdity, feel completely relatable.
           It is a rendering of collective anxiety akin to Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights, seeming to present a caricature of our fears out of real footage — to say you feel “as if a Lion is trying to break in your front door” might sound like an idyllic metaphor for your anxiety, but when the metaphor is made out of real footage, the absurdity appears to collapse into a kind of deranged realism. All your most irrational anxieties could well be real; the lion is really at the door.    

           From the Director
"For the uninitiated, can be briefly described as a pseudo-Dadaist mixed media genre that combines audio and visual elements into (typically brief) cuts. Importantly, while CoreCore explores certain tonal themes (often centering on loss, loneliness, general malaise… although as we will see, this originary form of CoreCore is perhaps in fact ‘Core’ after all), it lacks any strict narrative structure or explicit object of reference."

"In association with
Becoming.Press, The.Ontological.Turnt presents their short film 'Ultra-Core Anxiety 2023: The Anti-Authenticity Sequence'. The Anti-Authenticity Sequence is an extended exercise in the genre of CoreCore. The project consists of forty-five original 1-minute"corecore edits' created between January and June of 2023. These clips have been anthologized into a single cut, with some accompanying original graphics bumpers, as well as generous musical contributions from Lil Fire Manic, Chypho, and Cosmo Kramerist. The film serves as the culmination of half a year of experimenting with CoreCore as an artistic mode."