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Entering the old Mille Plateaux Archive
Edith Progue - Timeline (2006)
           Of all the incredible albums in this catelogue, timeline by edith progue gets the honourable mention here. This is not just a classic Mille Plateaux album, it is arguably the quintessential, platonic MP album. The library is often erratic, strange or experimental, but don’t be fooled into thinking Mille Plateaux don’t understand beauty on a deep level
DeRayling - DeRayling 01 (2018)
           2018 release, around 25 years after the label was founded. It can seem as though the label runs itself now, growing exponentially in all directions like ivy, eating into the very brickwork of popular consciousness, unnoticed but fundamental.
Ametsub - The Nothings of the North (2009)
           More in the low-fi or vaporwave area here. so incredibly smooth for something so clippy and cut up.

Various Artists - Gilles Deleuze in Memoriam (1996)
           This is a dark one, holding nothing back on expressing lament for the co-author of the very book Mille Plateaux was named after. Ambient as well as beats, but full of lament and frustration. Some sounds in here are so miserable and in pain that it borders on the deranged side of Slipknot’s 1999 album (think ‘prosthetics’ or ‘tattered and torn’).

Global Electronic Network - Rolleiflex (1994)
           Stunning. Rolling deep sounds. Flawless non-minimal, a masterclass in restraint

Various Artists - Clicks n’ Cuts (2000)
           Masterpiece compilation, here you will find the roots of everything from Giegling to [a:rpia:r]. If an album can be visionary, this is how, even including a rare jan jelinek track under an old alias: farben

Sturm - Sturm (1999)
           Hypnotic, almost amandra-esque, deep, grinding and broody ambient techno. Deep tripping experience

SND - Tenderlove (2002)
           Inverted electro, like an octatrack that learnt to play itself after a thousand years of being stuck in the basement. Full of refined ambient and breaks from 2002

Geeeze N’ Gosh - My Life With Jesus (2000)
           The track “salvation” is insane. If you’re wondering where micro comes from, try this from the year 2000. Rolling acid glitch techno loops with clever turns and breaks.

4e Presents DJ Snax - 4E4Me4you (1998)
           Another crazy album, from really heavy downtempo to sci-fi tribal madness. Highly conducive of psychedelic affects, especially in those who did too much acid once. (don’t be concerned if you start seeing weird patches of coloured light while listening to track 3; it’s ok. kind of.) It is hard to think of a techno album that has surpassed this since its release in 1998.