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“becoming-” magazine is a temporal magazine project that doesn’t intend to do anything besides grow, slowly, over time, in, not random, but entirely unexpected, or natural ways. It is unclear, as we feel is necessary today, whether there is any permanency to either the name, the magazine, the content, the design, or the attitude. It is a transient magazine that seeks to learn something through “doing”, and to reconsider “being”. We are living within some kind of turning point in our understanding, a phrase which we have been commonly hearing for decades; we are at a turning point. We are no more in a turning point than ever before, what is and has changed however, is our understanding of the present, or of the ‘point’ itself. It is not that we are at a turning point, rather we have begun to understand that all points are turning. There are many transitions we are passing through now, as we always have, but this change in the perception of self and universe defines the moment today. This transformation in how we understand stasis and the present, in turn radically changes how we perceive ourselves as subjects. There is a lineage of critical studies into this evolution of how we understand ourselves, dating back through Fisher, Deleuze, Foucault, Lacan, Marcuse, and Adorno.

#neoliberalism, #frankfurtschool, #crisis, #depression, #biopolitics, #deleuze&guattari