The Darkside of Ecstasy

Nervous System Pressure

Capital Hates Everyone ♺ Chthulucene

The conceptualisation of “Becoming Magazine: Issue One” began during the process of formulating Issue Zero, as the precise point of building that prototypal issue was to scrutinize various topics and to slam them together to see what became. Issue Zero was the ambiguous pool of unspecified desires, the entangled field out of which the identity and primary concerns of the magazine project could bubble. A lot of things did indeed bubble out of Issue Zero, including a preoccupation with illusions and disenchantment, and a newly found appreciation for the growing relationship between quantum theory, social theory and consciousness. Yet, one particular part of the process of creating the prototype stood out. One of the documentaries we were working from was Iara Lee & Simon Reynolds’ “Modulations”, about rave culture in the twilight of the 2nd millennium.

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