When did C.R.E.A.M turn from a criticism of capitalism to its anthem?

“I want to jump into this by starting with a short discussion about Metallica. Metal is one of the pillars of my background, it was what I primarily listened to until maybe 20 years old. I played in metal bands and as a music tech student I was naturally interested in the pro audio gear relevant to studio recording and, in particular, metal music. One thing my generation always contended with, was that the recordings being produced now seemed to seriously overpower recordings from the 80s/90s. I read a lot about how albums from Slayer and Metallica were recorded, and the kind of “wall of death” recording methods and the sheer expense of the gear needed to produce records like “South of Heaven” (1988), but due to the evolution of audio technologies, it reached a point where even those of us who had been taught to be reverent of classic analogue gear were struggling to see how the EVH 5150 had any relevance after the advent of the AXE-FX-II.”

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