Walter Benjamin watches ’Avatar’

A new introduction to Fascism, Hegemony & Art

L’audiovision Hyperreal Image Control

Avatar: The Legend of Aang was one of those shows where, regardless of my age, I could always find the show and binge watch it, it is a very well developed story with amazing characters, admirable representations of women and in general presents a world that fills me with a sense of zen or peacefulness. The lead character is a queer gemini boi, its relatable. It is a show where machinations of capital don’t exist, and where industrialisation doesn’t exist, the “spirits of nature” do. Admittedly, I have never related to this situation, given that I have never once known what it is like to not always hear the constant low rumble and sweeping high frequencies of metropolitan life. The second series that came as a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender flipped a lot of this on its head, and took on the noble challenge of trying to make Avatar relatable to someone like me, a child of highly advanced Industrialised Capital.

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