Cycles, Loops, Figures of 8, and a tracing of a Dishonest Rave

This trace contains three parts: (1) the online publication of a body of text that was written for a flyer that we produced as part of our micro-installation for The Gathering at a party on June 24th followed by (2) a personal elaboration on what the theme (cycles, figures of 8, infinity) of The Gathering 8 ! means to me, as Akira, at this point in my life. Finally, (3) we offer to you a series of recordings from Honest Electronic’s pre-Gathering warm up rave entitled “Dishonest Rave”. It is a series of six two-hour recordings from the six DJs who played at the party, and it serves as a coin-rubbing of the night. You can download or listen to these recordings by following the links on the article page on our website.

#honestelectronics, #music, #rave, #capitalism, #sociology, #subculture, #mythology, #nature, #desire, #crossdressingdiogenes