Transpoietics and the End of Meaning

A first essay, by way of introduction, from Rhea on Transpoietics and the hegemony of Meaning. Inspired by such authors as Émilie Carrière, Rhea begins to test their voice as a writer with this piece on wokeness, transness, and art.

“Amongst the endless conjectures the philosopher brings forth, one of great relevance is surely the question of ideas; ideas as object of true knowledge, say the Platonists, or perhaps ideas as product of intellectual labor, as marxists think. There exist numerous hypotheses on the matter, and they are everything other than simple fruits of a meaningless brainstorming aimed at solving a "stupid problem"; it is precisely in light of this multiplicity that I see a major highlight on a doubt I had in relation to Plato's reminiscence:

Is the genealogy of ideas a thing? If so, how can we acknowledge or deduce such a problem?”