“Erma, neutral: The principles or motives which guide behaviour and actions. 

A film about gender and the body, and all of the interwoven moments that are found in their midst. The perpetual process and struggle of forming a gendered subjectivity against the repressive notions of heteronormativity is explored through an abstract narrative viewpoint and techniques found in stop-motion animation and body horror genre. From birth till death, the glitch in the code of patriarchy submits and resists, emerges through but is also confined by the "ghosts" of social discourse. With the use of heavy religious symbolism and an ironic and challenging attitude; "ERMA" highlights the contradictions of gender construction, both in the fields of solitary subjectivity as well as in relation to the dominant heteronormative narrative.

Gender identity is a war taking place in the trenches of one’s body.” — Angelos Charalambous