Reintroducing Crossdressing Diogenes

Becoming started as a sublabel to Crossdressing Diogenes, believe it or not. Somehow Becoming grew from just a sublabel to a magazine, to a publishing house of its own. Crossdressing Diogenes faded out as Becoming grew, and at some point the house of CDCY burned down, to be forgotten. Having moved to Berlin, and having spent some time rebooting the radio project Affects & Dreams, and writing extensively about music in the accompanying book, as well as all my written work with Honest Electronics, Mille Plateaux and Lumbung Radio, it quickly became apparent that having a space for publishing music would be very useful. It’s something of a perfect circle, a perfect inversion, where two years after Becoming was founded as a sublabel to Crossdressing Diogenes, we can now announce that we are bringing back Crossdressing Diogenes as a sublabel of Becoming.