Essential Crossdressing Diogenes

A selection of essays from Crossdressing Diogenes’ Archive

These three essays were published as part of an essay zine series by Crossdressing Diogenes back in 2021 called On Raving. Essay #1 was printed by itself, essays #2 & #3 were combined into one zine, aswell as #5 & #6. Essay #4 was intended to be “On the Death of Raving”, previously republished by Becoming, but it never made it to print, and somehow the schedule got mixed up. Crossdressing Diogenes sadly died before ever getting to publish essays 7-10, although some of that work ended up being published by NON

72a — #1: On Commodification
72b — #2: On Tripping
72c — #3: On Musicking
72d — #5: On ‘Non’
72e — #6: On ‘Non-Minimalism’