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The Weaponisation of the Accusation

Capital Hates Everyone   Schizopolitics

This text was written one morning after finding time to reflect for the first time since moving Germany. Given how busy everything has been since the process of emigrating and releasing two books in the last months, I haven’t had time to properly react to what’s happening, and the uniquely strenuous context of Germany in regard to the topic of Israel and Palestine. I wasn’t sure if I was going to publish this, as the process of writing it was more about taking time for me to properly think through what I have been seeing out of the corner of my eye for the last months. The decision to publish this comes in response to the call from three Jewish speakers at a lecture at Oyoun, the cultural centre that had its funding revoked due to their solidarity with Palestine, for English press to help bring some awareness to the situation in Germany, as it is generally kept under the wraps of German language, making it difficult for people outside of Germany to understand the kinds of contradictions they’re seeing here. It is only for this reason that I believe this text may be helpful to the situation somehow, and support Oyoun’s cause and to show solidarity to the three speakers who, in a way that is indicative of the content of this text, are now experiencing what it is like to be simultaneously the victim of antisemitism while being accused of it.