In the Delirium of the Simulation: Revisiting Baudrillard (2024)

Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Theory, and Seduction.

We are extremely happy to announce the beginning of the presale period for the fourth book published by Becoming, this time in collaboration with NON: In the Delirium of the Simulation:

If you remember back to Becoming Magazine Issue Zero, the ghost issue that helped Becoming establish just enough presence to begin coalescing and affecting, it featured a section on Mille Plateaux that culminated in an Interview/Questionnaire with Achim Szepanski, a rather infamous theoretician and culture pioneer. Sometimes dubbed the European version of “Underground Resistance”, Szepanski’s myriad projects, labels and imprints (which, for convenience, we tend to roll up into “Force Inc—Mille Plateaux” and “NON”) are perhaps amongst the few music projects in the last thirty years that have tried so hard to practice and perform the kind of anti-fascist art and music that was envisioned by Frankfurt’s, where Szepanski dwells, most beloved ghosts, Walter Benjamin & Theodor Adorno.

In: Capital Hates Everyone, Hyperreal Image Control, Schizopolitics