Opening Remarks to Dialogues on CoreCore & the Contemporary Online Avant-Garde

 An introduction to the fifth book of Becoming, featuring 40+ contributors. 

“An arts student, a philosopher, a psychoanalyst, a TikToker, and a meme admin walk into a lecture hall : the premise of a contrived joke ; and the cohort of the event myself and Dylan Smith of On My Computer hosted in December of 2023 in New York’s School of Visual Arts. The event, which we dubbed (after Stirner) ‘All Things Are Nothing to Us’, was dedicated to the topic of “CoreCore”, the now-somewhat-passé metatrend of internet DIY cinema that dominated TikTok between 2021-2022. What follows is some notes and reflections from the night of the conference serving as a stage-setting for the book at large — bearing in mind, of course, that this is a matter of recounting, paraphrasing, summarizing ; and authors should be taken at their own word first and foremost...” — Onty (Ed.)

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