“There is No Image of Palestine” PalCoreCore (2023)

 We are presenting here a two-part tracing of the film PalCoreCore (2023), a work by Dana Dawud a.k.a DansDansRev, as well as a text she has written about the film. The text is pulled from the final manuscript of Becoming’s fifth book, Dialogues on CoreCore and the Contemporary Online Avant-Garde (Onty & OnMyComputer, 2024) 

“The notion that "We are all martyrs together" transcends its immediate context to touch upon a universal truth. In Arabic, the term martyr, or 'shaheed,' denotes witnessing, bearing testimony to the truth. Thus, each Palestinian face captured in these images serves as a living testament to their enduring struggle and resilience. As global onlookers, our engagement with these images through the remove of our screens does little to shield us from the stark reality of violence...”

88a — Palcorecore (2023) [film by Dana Dawud]
88b — Reflections on Palcorecore [excerpt from Dialogues...]