Seducing Baudrillard: Ultrablack Aphrodite and the appearance of She-Herself in the Universe

This text was written for the second iteration of an eponymous zine made by London-based everyoneisagirl, a new project that is gaining ground quickly with its exploration of being a girl online. It is a piece that extends out of a combination of Achim Szepanski’s work on Baudrillard in his book In the Delirium of the Simulation (Becoming, 2024), as well as my own research and reading on Baudrillard that came as a part of the chapter I have written for a 2025 Zer0 Books publication. The theme of this zine was Seduction, which has been an important part of Baudrillard’s works for a long time, so given that we were already following everyoneisagirl, and already desiring to see myself publish with them, when they announced the theme, it was quite perfect. I wasn’t sure if the piece would be appropriate for the zine but to my delight it was, and this text can be found in the print, beautifully designed by the EIAG team.