Online Bodies:

Accelerated Images. Bodies in Transition.


Mischa was the first person to approach us about the possibility of hosting a film of theirs. They mentioned back then that the film wouldn’t be out of the circuit for several months, and in that time we would need to actually build the infrastructure on our website, and to figure out how to conceptually frame a practice of publishing—hosting—extending videos as Becoming.  
          By the time this first film came back around, we had already released  both Ultra-Core Anxiety 2023 and ERMA, and we had been featuring Ultra-Core Anxiety as the backdrop of our website— and so by the time Online Bodies was ready, we knew that the first thing we would do with it after uploading it was to put it as our wallpaper. When we did, something clicked
: we had arrived at a new aesthetic entirely, and we couldn’t be happier.
          It’s been a very positive process of affirmation for us, and we want to thank Mischa for sharing their vision
with us.
"Online Bodies seeks to explore the manifestation of the body in virtual spaces. The film consists of seven short non-causal parts, each showing a different angle on the online body. The film passes along bodies in transition: a deepfaked porn actor, a 3D model that wishes to be reproduced, a group of genetically modified humans that live inside an alien, four friends discussing cyborg modifications, a body that cannot get up an escalator. They are each short peeks into the massive stream of online imagery and its social impact. The project looks at the physical consequences of online potential and its reverse, for better or for worse.” Mischa Dols

“The New Film is born out of a viral encounter between the human body, cinema worlds and internet cultures. When science fiction meets speculative theory.”Contour Biennale Belgium