Becoming — Issue Zero

This was the prototypal issue of Becoming Magazine, printed and distributed in small numbers as a means of gathering some initial interest in the form of potential contributors. The contents of this magazine make up the first 20 traces published by Becoming, and can all be read for free here. Full spread scans coming soon.

108 pages, 16.5x24cm

Becoming — Issue One

Issue One is made up of the first responses to Issue Zero,and it features 10 contributions from a wide array of authors, as well as many visual contributions from artists around the world. It was released March 2023 and is currently available here. The traces materialised in this issue will become available online over the coming months. A full description of the Issue is available in the product description.

80 pages, 16.5x24cm

Ulysse Carrière — Technically Man Dwells upon this Earth

This is the first book scheduled to be published by Becoming, and it has already proven to be an influential text. It was available to read here for 2 months, before being taken down as we approach publishing. It has been edited, and dressed with a post-face from the author, and an introduction from Louis Morelle. It is the beginning of an exciting series from a compelling and talented author, and the culmination of years of scholarship. The book is scheduled for release imminently (April 2023).

90 pages, 11x18cm